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Beautiful windows that welcome sunlight brighten the personality of your house. While this is what we all envision in our homes, uncontrolled sunlight can be an offender by bringing thermal discomfort and creating visual glare. J.J.’s Window Service is proud to carry Cardinal IG glass products that offer a solution to solar glare and thermal discomfort.

Cardinal Glass Products


Cardinal LoĒ³-366 Ultimate Performance Glass

High Performance GlassCardinal’s LoĒ³-366® glass (pronounced low E cubed-366) is the ultimate performance glass. It just might make all other low-E glasses obsolete. LoĒ³-366 delivers the ideal balance of solar control and high visibility. And it provides the highest levels of year-round comfort and energy savings, making it the perfect glass no matter where you live. The secret? An unprecedented triple layer of silver. This is beyond ordinary low-E glass; LoĒ³-366 sets the new standard. Cardinal has for years worked with top-tier window manufacturers by providing energy-efficient LoĒ² glass. Now with three layers of year-round thermal protection, the benefits are exceptional.

Cardinal LoĒ²-240 Glare Control Glass

Glare Control Glass - Dallas Fort WorthLoĒ²-240® glass provides a great combination of aesthetic appeal along with energy savings and indoor comfort. This cool, spectrally selective coating is applied to clear glass, so that the appearance and performance are the same regardless of glass thickness. LoĒ²-240 is more than a solar control glass. Its advanced coating design also provides the lowest possible U-factor to deliver comfort and energy savings during cold winter weather. What makes multi-layer LoĒ²-240 different is its ability to handle each portion of the solar spectrum differently, making it spectrally selective.

Cardinal LoĒ²-270 All Climate Solar Control Glass

Solar Climate Control GlassEvery day, the sun provides an enormous amount of energy. In colder climate areas, this energy is beneficial and welcomed for warming homes. But summer temperatures throughout the U.S. can reach a blistering level and bring discomfort into the home. Since the majority of solar heat gain comes through your windows, choosing the right glass can be a key factor in comfort and year-round energy savings.

Cardinal CG Company’s LoĒ²-270® glass is the perfect glass for all season comfort. It reduces solar heat gain by 50% or more when compared to ordinary glass. Although it is a clear glass, LoĒ²-270 even outperforms ordinary tinted glass typically used in sunny climates. And though it’s coated, LoĒ²-270 lets the light shine in to warm your house during the cooler winter months.

Low-E Glass Advantages

Low-E Glass Advantanges

Because it resists ultraviolet light, low-E glass prevents sunlight exposure from damaging carpets, draperies, sofas and other furnishings. Plus, low-E glass reduces sunlight glare in a room. Most importantly, low-E windows reduce energy costs by helping to control the climate in the house. Low-E glass allows sunlight into a room without letting heat inside. In the summer this keeps rooms cool and lowers air conditioning costs. If you’re ready to replace your windows with new low-E glass windows, contact J.J.’s Window Service.